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Ring-O-Matic 12,000L (3,170 gal)

Vacuum Excavation and NDD (Non-Destructive Digging) processes have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years as a means to minimise risk of service strikes and potential injury to personnel. Hydro Excavation machines utilise the cutting power of high-pressure water along with a powerful vacuum which can remove almost any kind of surface without damaging existing infrastructures.

Applications include potholing (utility location for Telco’s or Energy Providers), pipe cleaning, trenching, pit cleaning (sumps and manhole cleaning), natural disaster and storm clean up, construction site clean-up, and the list goes on. CEA locally supplies many different types of hydro excavation equipment, with spoil tanks available from 946L up to 12,000L. These units can be delivered as a complete solution custom-fitted to your choice of either the Isuzu, Hino or your preferred brand of new Cab Chassis. Or alternatively, if you already own an existing chassis or choose to supply your own, CEA would be happy to discuss your unit options to suit.

CEA also offers a complete unit mounted on skids suitable for truck and trailer mounting in sizes ranging from 1,000L to 7,500L.

CEA works closely with customers from conception to delivery of your new machine. This ensures that each and every customer’s vision and requirements are met and exceeded before taking delivery of a new hydro excavation machine.

This versatility ensures you will have the best configuration possible for your specific application.

CEA’s hydro excavation machines are feature packed with only the best components in hydro excavation and will help you get the job done, the first time.

CEA is the exclusive Australasian distributor for the Ring-O-Matic brand manufactured in the USA. CEA have representatives throughout Australia and New Zealand who are standing by waiting to take your call.


Truck & Skid Mounting
3,170GAL / 12,000L
500GAL / 1,893L
60HP CAT 2.2 Diesel