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Green Ops System

Subsite pioneered the Green Ops Process with new technologies that make a safer, more productive HDD jobsite possible. The goal: provide complete Underground Awareness™. When you know what’s below and you can share that knowledge quickly and easily when needed, you can do your job more safely and more profitably.

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Subsite Beacons

Subsite® Electronics offers a complete line of versatile, money-saving HDD Beacons. The new 15T, 17T and 19T beacons are available in one, three or four frequencies and deliver the versatility of three field-configurable power levels plus automatic tuning circuitry that adjusts to match the housing the operator is using. All Subsite HDD beacons are repairable—an

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Commander 7 Display

The Subsite® Commander 7 HDD Guidance Display is our most advanced display ever, delivering vital tracking data to both the tracker operator and the drill operator. Offering enhanced capabilities to the TK RECON™ Series HDD Guidance System, the Commander 7 is compatible with both Apple®iOS and Android™ devices and features an expanded communication range, faster

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TK Recon Tracker

The Subsite® TK RECON Series HDD Guidance System features proven TK performance with dual locating methods (walkover and Drill-To™), making it easy for experienced and novice operators. The TK RECON even lets you map your bore using GPS. With an industry-leading depth range of up to 110 feet (33.5 m) and new features including improved

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Marksman + HDD Tracker

Weight (kg) 3.2

Operating Temperature -20 to 60 Degrees Celsius

Environmental Rating IP65

Power Source Li Ion

Battery Life Up to 16 Hours

Accuracy +/- 5%

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